My oldest known ancestor is a woman by the name of Edith (Edy/Eady) BROWN who lived in Southwest Virginia.  She was probably born a little before 1750 and died a little after 1808.  It is unknown if she was married to a Brown man or if she Brown was her maiden name.  She was the mother of 4 known Brown children:

1.     George Thomas Brown (abt 1768 – 1814)

2.     Dance Brown (abt 1776 – March 27, 1860)

3.     Sarah Brown (Mar 9, 1787 – Dec 23, 1872)

4.     Rahab Brown (Aug 15, 1789 – Jun 8, 1850)

Other possible children are Elizabeth, Stephen, Frederick, Jesse, Isaac, and Davis.

My most recent research is being done in Chesterfield County, Virginia. In this county in the mid and late 1700s are families of Brown, Goode, Ferguson, Gill, and surname Dance, living near each other and intermarrying. Some of these came to Bedford County through Prince Edward County.



Here is the most promising document to identify Edith Brown in Chesterfield County.  It appears that the Joseph Ferguson in the court record, died around 1771/2 and thus could not be the Joseph Ferguson, son of John Sr. and Mary Gill.  This Joseph died about 1778-86.


1772 - January Court in Chesterfield County, Virginia:  Account of Edith Brown, Sarah Goode, Joseph Gill Jr., and Robert Donald, against the estate of Joseph Ferguson.

Identity of some of the people in the above document:

Edith Brown – unknown.

Sarah Goode was Sarah Brown, daughter of George Brown, Sr. and Elizabeth Robertson of Dale Parish, Chesterfield County, Virginia.  She married Rev. John Goode about 1760.

Joseph Gill, Jr. may or may not be the son of Joseph Gill, Sr, and Elizabeth Goode. Of Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Robert Donald was the son of William Donald and Agnes Allen.  He married Ann “Nancy” Osborne, daughter of Thomas Osborne, Sr. and Frances Friend.  Robert and others were land dealers in the county.  I don’t think he is related to the others in the document.

The following is a chronology of the current known facts of Edith Brown:




1783 - Eady is not in Bedford Co., Va. tax lists.  Thus she is not there, or she is living in her husband’s household or someone else’s household.  Only 1 person chargeable with tax (over 21) I guess it is her.  It could be George Thomas as he was right at 21 years old and not married.  George Thomas was married 1792, but appears in the 1791 tax list, and I can’t find Eady in 1791 tax list.


1784 - Edith was in Bedford County, Va evidenced by the following Jan. 1785 court record.  It states that she did washing and mending for 1 year.

George Thomas would have been 16 (born abt 1768)

Dance would have been 8 (born 1776/1777)

Frederick (possible child) would have been 6 in 1784 (born 1779/1780)


1785, January -  Bedford County, Va court -  Mr John Ross to Eady Brown for services rendered.   List of items and services and including statement of her feeding and taking care of John Ross.  Ross is listed in the 1787 tax records, but appears to possibly have died in Nov 1787 when the suit was settled. There is a John Ross is listed in the Bedford County tax lists 1785 through 1805

My note: She appears to be unmarried in January 1785 as she appears to have been possibly living in the household of John Ross.  If so, George Thomas and Dance were also living there as well. 

In 1785:

George Thomas would have been 17,  (born abt 1768)

Dance would have been 9, (born 1776/1777)

Frederick would have been 6 in 1785  (born 1779/1780)


1788, Oct 2 - Bedford County, Va - Edith Brown vs William Armstrong.  Edith charged him for trespass, assault & battery damage.  For 400 pounds.  There is a Wm. Armstrong in the Bedford County tax list from 1787 to 1788.  A William Armstrong ID# 100292 married Martha Ann Mitchell, daughter of John Issac Mitchell and Ann Greer.  Martha had a brother, John Mitchell, who is probably the one mentioned in Edith’s other court document against John Ross in 1785 - John Mitchell 2 quarts of brandy.

In 1788:

George Thomas would have been 20, (born abt 1768)

Dance would have been 12,  (born 1776/1777)

Frederick would have been 9,  (born 1779/1780)

Sarah would have been 7 months old. (born Mar 9, 1787)

Rahab would not be born until Aug 15, 1789. (born Aug 15, 1789)


1789 - Tax list taken Feb 23, 1789: Edith first appears in Bedford County, Va. tax lists with no titheables over 21.  The numbers:

0-0-1 which means no tithables, white or black over 21 - no white males 12-16 and 1 horse/colt/mare/cattle

She is listed after Joseph, Zachariah and Jesse Brown.  She is listed through 1794. Taken Feb 23 with Joseph Brown, Daniel Brown, Jr., George (Thomas) on the same day.

George Thomas = 20 years old (born abt 1768)

Dance = 13 years old (born 1776/1777)

Frederick = 10 years old  (born 1779/1780)

Sarah = 2 years old (born Mar 9, 1787)

Rahab = born Aug 15, 1789 - could be a baby at the time of the census. (born Aug 15, 1789)


1793 - Edith listed in tax list none tithables Bedford County, Va.  At this time George Thomas had married (1792) and moved out.  Dance would have been about 17 years old and not countable.


1794 - July 19 Bond dated for marriage to John Grant - Bedford County, Va.


1794 - July 22 married in a ceremony by Rev. John Ayers, a Methodist minister. (Bedford PRO 1:229)


She is listed near Joseph, Zachariah and a Jesse Brown.  And she is listed through 1794.


1794 - listed as Edith Brown, no titheables over 21. Not listed after 1794. (George Thomas is now married, and Dance would only be 19 years old.


1794 - July 19 Bond dated for marriage


1794 - July 22 married in a ceremony by Rev. John Ayers, a Methodist minister. (Bedford PRO 1:229)




John and Edy sold land in Russell County, Va in 1808, so her death was after 1808, in either Russell County, Va or Sumnner Co., TN or somewhere in between.


In 1808, the area occupied by Sumner County, Tennessee and Warren County, Kentucky was ripe for settlement. The local Indian wars had ended about ten years before and a period of growth and development had begun. The land in this area, fertile and plentiful, was irresistibly attractive to the new arrivals. People settled in the valley of the Cumberland River and the lands of the Highland Rim. Most of the new arrivals were from Virginia and North Carolina, of English or Scotch-Irish extraction.

Among the new arrivals to this area on the Trammel Fork of Drakes Creek were the families of Hardy CALDWELL, Hardy's brother-in-law, Dance BROWN, James CALDWELL and David ALSUP. Hardy had married Dance's sister, Sarah, most probably in Montgomery County, Virginia, on Nov. 20, 1803. Dance BROWN married Keziah GRANT, daughter of John GRANT, in Montgomery County, Virginia on November 2, 1799. James CALDWELL married Rahab BROWN and David ALSUP had married Martha . Although we do not have definite proof at this time, we believe that Martha was also a daughter of John GRANT and therefore a sister of Keziah GRANT.

Hardy CALDWELL and his wife Sarah (BROWN) CALDWELL first arrived in Warren County, Kentucky about 1808 and originally settled on Trammel Creek, in an area that is in present day Allen County, Kentucky. Hardy and Sarah arrived in this area with several other members of their family, Seth CALDWELL, Hardy’s father, and Seth's daughter Sarah and her husband, Daniel KIRK. Dance BROWN and his wife, Keziah (GRANT) BROWN arrived just about a year later. Dance apparently traveled to this area with the families of David ALSUP and James CALDWELL. They settled just to the south of Hardy's family in Sumner County, Tennessee on either Trammel Creek or Garrett's Creek about 1809. It is very possible that John and Edith GRANT also migrated to Sumner County with Dance and his other sons-in- law. 

We do not know much about the early history of any of these families. However, through marriage, land and court records and tax rolls in Virginia, we can trace their journey from Loudoun County, Virginia in the mid-1700's to Pittsylvania, Botetourt and Bedford Counties in Virginia in the 1770's and 1780's, to Montgomery County, Virginia in the mid to late 1790's. In 1803 and 1804, all of these families moved from Montgomery County to Russell County, Virginia. Then in 1808 and 1809 they moved to Warren County, Kentucky and Sumner County, Tennessee where they finally settled to farm the land and raise their families. We do not know the reasons for their moving so frequently or so far, but it was most likely that the lure of better and cheaper land provided the impetuous for their westward movement. We do not know what it was like for them to travel to this area, hoping to carve a home for themselves out of what was still a wilderness, but we can use our imaginations to visualize the hardships they must have gone through to reach this country.

The CALDWELL family, John GRANT and very possibly the BROWN family lived in Loudoun County, Virginia or close by in Fauquier County, Virginia in the mid-1700's. Hugh CALDWELL had sons--William, Hugh Jr. and Seth. The CALDWELLs had all left Loudoun County by 1775, Seth moving to Pittsylvania County, where he settled with several families whose last name was HARDY, William and Hugh moving to Botetourt County, Virginia. Seth CALDWELL seems to have married in Loudoun County. Seth's wife was Elizabeth and evidence suggests that she was probably a HARDY before her marriage. About 1780, William and Seth CALDWELL had moved on to Montgomery County, Virginia, with Hugh staying behind in Botetourt County. John GRANT left Loudoun County about 1784, moving first to Botetourt County, where he was enumerated on the 1785 personal property tax rolls, then moving to Bedford County, Virginia, having bought land there in 1787.

In Bedford County in 1794, John GRANT married Edy BROWN. It seems most probable that Edy or Edith BROWN was the mother of George Thomas, Dance, Rahab, and Sarah BROWN. This would mean that Dance and Keziah were step-brother and step-sister at the time of their marriage and of course not related. Edy first appeared on the 1789 Bedford County tax lists as head of the house (apparently as a widow or divorced). Her household was actually counted by the tax representative on June 16, 1789. Since her daughter, Rahab BROWN was born on August 15, 1789, then Edith’s husband ( _____ Brown) should have been alive or with her 9 months earlier (November 1788). Thus it would appear that the father of George Thomas, Dance, Rahab and Sarah died or was gone sometime between those two dates (Nov. 1788 and June 16, 1789).

In 1796 John and Edith GRANT sold their land in Bedford County and moved away. They arrived in Montgomery County sometime before or around 1800 and settled near Buckeye Mountain in what is now (present day) Giles County, Virginia, on land adjoining Seth CALDWELL. It seems very possible (with the evidence we currently have) that John GRANT and Seth CALDWELL knew each other in Loudoun County prior to their leaving there. However, at this time we do not know if there was a closer family tie, or if they were just friends or acquaintances.

In Montgomery County, Dance BROWN married Keziah and Hardy CALDWELL most probably married Sarah, strengthening their ties. Here we think that David ALSUP married Martha GRANT and James CALDWELL married Rahab BROWN, although we have not been able to find a marriage license or bond for either of these marriages. Then in 1803, Seth CALDWELL sold his land in Montgomery County and moved to Russell County, Virginia. Seth sold part of that land to John GRANT. In 1804, John GRANT sold his land in Montgomery County, and he, Dance, and their families also moved to Russell County. Both Dance and John bought land in Russell County, apparently located close to where Seth CALDWELL and Daniel KIRK had purchased their land. We can only assume that the families of James CALDWELL and David ALSUP moved with them.

In 1807, Seth CALDWELL sold his land, as did his son-in-law Daniel KIRK. They moved to Warren County, Kentucky, along with Hardy CALDWELL. They arrived in Warren County and settled on Trammel Creek, in time to be enumerated on the 1808 tax rolls. When Hardy arrived in Warren County he settled among a family group consisting of Samuel HARDY, Peter WAGGONER and his wife Martha HARDY, David HARRIS and his wife Elizabeth HARDY and Henry CALDWELL and wife Mourning HARDY. This brother and three sisters were children of Solomon HARDY and had moved together from Bedford County, Virginia to Warren County, Kentucky about 1806. However, even earlier Solomon HARDY and his family had lived in Loudoun County, very close to Seth CALDWELL and his family.

In 1808, John GRANT and Dance BROWN sold their land in Russell County. Dance was placed in Tennessee by 1809, close to the area as Hardy CALDWELL. This evidence was stated in several affidavits that form part of the pension record for Sarah (BROWN) CALDWELL in 1872, where two of the individuals giving the affidavits said that “in the same neighborhood [where Hardy and Sarah lived] lived Sarah CALDWELL's brother, Dance BROWN.” In the court minutes for Sumner County, Tennessee on the 2nd Monday of September 1809 it states "Appoint Solomon Duty overseer of road from bridge on Bledsoe’s Cr. to state line near John Sloans, David Alsep and Wm. Seawell to furnish overseer with list of hands." If Dance and family traveled with the ALSUPs, indeed they were in the area by September of 1809. We do not know exactly where Dance's property was located at this time but believe it was just a few miles south of Hardy on Trammel or Garrett's Creek. We do not know what happened to John GRANT, but it is most likely that he had traveled with Dance and his other sons-in-law to Tennessee. However, records for Sumner County for this time period are scarce and as there is not an 1810 census, we can only speculate as to his whereabouts.

From the time of their meeting, whether in Loudoun County or Montgomery County, Virginia, the history of all of these families becomes so intertwined, that it is difficult to tell the history of one of these families without telling the history of the other. Dance BROWN and Hardy CALDWELL were sturdy pioneers that arrived in a wilderness area with very little, made it their home and there they raised their families. This is their story as we know it.





3 Generation chart of the descendants of Dance Brown:

1. Dance BROWN (born 1776/1777- in Virginia; died 26 Mar 1860-Westmoreland,Sumner County, Tennessee) 
spouse: Keziah GRANT (b.1780-,Maryland;m.2 Nov 1799;d.12 Aug 1843-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

2. John BROWN (b.Abt 1804-,Russell Co,Va;d.Nov 1838-Sumner Co,Tn)
sp: Elizabeth MCCLARY (b.Abt 1806-Allen Co.,Kentucky;m.17 Jan 1824;d.10 Jun 1874-Sumner


3. Robert Sidney BROWN (b.Nov 1838-Richland Station,Sumner Co,Tn.;d.Nov 1862-Sumner Co,Tn?)

sp: Sarah Elizabeth ANGLEA (b.27 Aug 1838-Sumner Co,Tn.;m.25 Sep 1854;d.27 Sep 1910- Plano,Collin Co.,Texas)

2. Anna BROWN (b.10 Mar 1805-,Russell Co,Va;d.20 Sep 1830-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn) sp: James WILLIAMS (m.1 May 1825)

3. Mary WILLIAMS (b.24 Feb 1826-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.12 Aug 1827-Sumner Co,Tn)
3. John J. WILLIAMS (b.21 Dec 1828-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Aft 1862-Augusta,Richmond,Ga)

sp: Emaline CRAWFORD (b.Abt 1830-,Va;m.21 Dec 1848)

3. Squire W. WILLIAMS (b.1830-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.1901)

sp: Elizabeth Jane HELSON (b.1834-,Tennessee;m.6 Mar 1857)

2. Squire BROWN (b.Abt 1808-,Russell Co,Va;d.Bef 6 Feb 1867-Box Township,Cedar Co.,Missouri)

sp: Martha B. FLIPPEN (b.1815-,Virginia;m.3 Jan 1831;d.30 Jun 1868-Box Township,Stockton,Cedar Co,Missouri)

3. Isaac Newton BROWN (b.1833-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Bef 30 Jun 1868) sp: Mary Elizabeth FAULKNER (b.Abt 1835;m.14 Jun 1860)

3. James G. BROWN (b.1835-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Bef 30 Jun 1868)

3. Mildred Jane BROWN (b.26 Mar 1837-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.7 Mar 1913-Cedar County,MO)

sp: Joshua R. TUCKER (b.21 Jan 1832;d.30 Mar 1890-Cedar County,MO)
3. Keziah Elizabeth BROWN (b.1839-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Aft 30 Jun 1868-Sinclair,Kansas)

sp: James W. CHERRY (b.1830-,,Tn)
3. Squire J. BROWN (b.1841-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Bef 1868)
3. Martha Anne BROWN (b.1843-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.Aft 30 Jun 1868)

sp: Mathew Milton LOCKE (b.27 May 1841-Sumner Co.,Tn.;m.12 Jul 1860;d.21 Aug 1880-St. Clair Co.,Mo.)

3. Samantha Jane BROWN (b.10 May 1848-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.14 Apr 1917-El Dorado Spring,Mo.)

sp: Abner JACKSON (b.8 Nov 1844-Anderson Co,Tn.;d.30 Mar 1896-El Dorado Spring,Mo.) 3. Joshua F. BROWN (b.12 Feb 1853-,Todd Co.,Kentucky;d.1915-El Dorado Springs,MO)

sp: Louisa Ann YOUNG (b.1857;m.23 Aug 1874;d.1890-El Dorado Springs,MO) 3. Mary B. BROWN (b.Dec 1856-,Todd Co,Kentucky;d.1905-El Dorado Cem,Mo)

sp: Jack FERGUS
2. Edith "Edy" BROWN (b.Abt 1811-,Tennessee;d.1853/1856-Putnam Co.,Mo)

sp: Joseph McReynolds BROWN (b.16 Oct 1816-Russell Co,Virginia;m.1 Jul 1836;d.19 Oct 1893- Girord,Crawford Co,Kansas)

3. Martha Jane BROWN (b.Abt 1837-Martin Co,Indiana;d.24 Nov 1886-Girard,Crawford Co,Kan) sp: John W. MORGAN (m.20 Feb 1858;d.Aft 20 Nov 1872)

3. George F. BROWN (b.Abt 1839-Lafayette Co,Indiana)
3. James W. BROWN (b.12 Mar 1841-,Tennessee;d.30 Oct 1867-Putnam Co,Missouri)

sp: Ann Jemima LEDFORD (b.Abt 1846-,Mo;m.16 Apr 1865)
3. Squire Henry BROWN (b.26 Dec 1842-Martin Co,Ind;d.8 Sep 1932-Olathe,Johnson Co,Kan)

sp: Eliza F. LEDFORD (m.5 Sep 1867;d.24 Oct 1868-,Putnam Co,Mo)
sp: Sarah E. PIERCY (b.Abt 1851-,Mo;m.6 Feb 1870;d.5 Dec 1874-Franklin Co,Kan) sp: Hester Ann JOHNSON (b.Aug 1852-,Kentucky;m.14 Nov 1875)

3. John T. BROWN (b.Abt 1847-Martin Co,Ind) Mar 2008 sp: Lucinda HAYCOCK

3. Mary Elizabeth BROWN (b.8 Apr 1850-Martin Co,Ind;d.18 Feb 1935-Girard,Crawford Co,Mo) sp: Deforest VAN VOAST (b.1850-,New York;m.11 May 1873)

3. Louisa BROWN (b.22 Jan 1853-Martin Co,Ind;d.24 Dec 1926-Humbold,Allen Co,Kan) sp: William Wesley SCOBEE (m.17 Aug 1873)
sp: Unknown
sp: Unknown


2. James BROWN (b.1815-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.2 Jul 1889-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: Mary Elizabeth "Polly" TUTTLE (b.1818-TN;m.15 Aug 1835;d.Abt 1871-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. David M. BROWN (b.Aug 1836-Westmoreland,Sumner Co.,Tn.;d.31 Dec 1889-,Simpson Co.,Kentucky)

sp: Elizabeth KEEN (b.Abt 1845;m.10 Aug 1868) sp: Lucy CORNWELL (m.Abt 1880(Div))
sp: Nancy TISDALE

3. Marion D. BROWN (b.1838-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.19 Jan 1862-Nancy,Kentucky)

3. John William BROWN (b.10 Feb 1841-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.22 Jul 1928- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: Artelia TUTTLE (b.15 Nov 1839;m.10 Feb 1862;d.11 Nov 1908-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Melvina A. BROWN (b.13 May 1842-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.25 Jun 1920-

Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)
sp: Rev. William Daniel BURNLEY (b.23 Apr 1844-,Todd Co.,Kentucky;m.20 Sep 1866;d.24 Apr

3. James Peter BROWN (b.22 Nov 1843-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.11 Apr 1925/1927-

Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)
sp: Nancy Jane GAINES (b.7 Aug 1848;m.1 May 1866;d.12 Jul 1872)
sp: Nancy Ellen KEEN (b.11 Aug 1850-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;m.7 Oct 1872;d.23 Apr 1917)

3. Squire Anthony BROWN (b.21 Nov 1845-Westmoreland,Sumner Co.,Tn;d.28 Aug 1917-Allen Co.,Kentucky)

sp: Rosanna "Rosie" O'NEAL (b.14 Nov 1845-Sumner Co.,TN;m.5 Jan 1870;d.23 Mar 1924-Allen Co.,Kentucky)

3. Martin Green BROWN (b.18 Feb 1846-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.19 Feb 1904- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: Mary Frances HELSON (b.24 Apr 1846/1847;m.10 May 1865;d.9 Nov 1899)
3. Martha Jane BROWN (b.16 Nov 1849-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.27 Apr 1932-

Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)
sp: Joseph A. TUTTLE (b.15 Mar 1846;m.19 May 1866;d.8 Apr 1882-,Sumner Co,Tn.) sp: James Joshua TUTTLE (b.Sep 1852;m.1884;d.1934)

3. Jessie Wilson "Wilse" BROWN (b.May 1852-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.3 Sep 1925- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Mary E. BROWN (b.12 Mar 1853-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.27 Nov 1857- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Henry Y. BROWN (b.16 Feb 1855-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.27 Nov 1857- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Andrew Jackson "Andy" BROWN (b.21 Mar 1857-Westmoreland,Sumner Co. Tn.;d.4 Nov 1930- Scottsville,Allen Co. Kentucky)

sp: Mary Frances MCDOUGAL (b.24 Aug 1860;m.9 Dec 1880;d.6 Apr 1940-Sumner Co. Tn.) 3. Thomas BROWN (b.1859-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.1859-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn) 3. George Washington BROWN (b.Dec 1861-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.1922-

Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)
sp: Samantha S. BIRDWELL (b.Feb 1861-Tn;m.1882)
sp: Mallie TROUTT (b.1 Nov 1869-,Macon Co,Tn.;m.21 Sep 1905;d.7 Nov 1939-,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Harriett Alice BROWN (b.22 Jul 1865-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.22 Jan 1948- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: George Robert WIX (b.2 Feb 1860-,Sumner Co.,Tennessee;m.1881;d.26 Oct 1920-,Sumner Co,T ennessee)

sp: Martha E. KEEN (b.Abt 1842-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;m.27 Oct 1885;d.Abt 1895- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Robert Lee BROWN (b.10 Apr 1872-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.26 Mar 1947- Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: Hattie Bell MORRIS (b.25 Jul 1877-,Sumner Co.,Tn.;m.25 Dec 1910;d.15 Jun 1932-,Sumner Co,Tn)

3. Margaret "Maggie" BROWN (b.1879/1880-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn) 3. Hugh Alexander BROWN (d.11 Apr 1963-Lonoke,Ark)

sp: Mary Lou WHITE (b.25 Dec 1883-El Paso,Ark)
3. Sidney Ashberry BROWN (b.29 Dec 1885-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn)

sp: Carrie FELTON
3. Sallie BROWN
3. Joseph Leslie BROWN (b.2 Jan 1887-Westmoreland,Sumner Co,Tn;d.6 Oct 1951-Tuckerman,Ark)

sp: Donnie Mae KEEN (b.19 Apr 1893-Allen Co,Kentucky;m.30 Aug 1911;d.20 Jul 1929) Dance's 2nd spouse: Sarah HATCHETT (b.Abt 1798-,Va;m.1 Jan 1846)














George Thomas BROWN (about 1768 - 1814), brother of Dance BROWN


George Thomas BROWN was born about 1768 and apparently lived his entire life in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth BEST in Bedford County, Virginia in November of 1792.  She was the daughter of John and Druzilla BEST.  George first appeared in Bedford County in 1790 on the tax lists for that year.  He was usually listed as George T., but occasionally only as George.  He was last listed in 1800 living beside the BEST family.  Since he bought land in Russell County, Virginia in 1808, it is unclear in which county they lived between 1800-1808.  I suspect that they were already in Russell County by 1800/1801, although he first appears on the Russell County tax lists in 1810.  Dance Brown recorded his first land purchase in Russell Co. in 1804.  It is obvious that he is older than Dance and old enough to own land on his own before Dance became of age. 


George Thomas was probably the “George Thomas Brown” listed as a witness on Dance Brown’s marriage license in Montgomery County, Virginia on November 2, 1799.  It is also interesting that a land purchase was recorded in Russell County on October 4, 1808 for George Thomas Brown.  This was the same day that Dance Brown sold his 40 acres in Russell County and departed for Sumner County, Tennessee--Allen County, Kentucky area.  Nothing more about his life is known until his death in Russell County in 1814.  He was survived by his spouse, Elizabeth, and nine children. Elizabeth was deceased by 1827/29 when their children began to sell off their inheritance property and migrate to Sumner County, Tennessee.  The area in which they settled in Sumner County turned out to be the same area where Dance Brown and his sister Sarah Brown Caldwell lived.  Both George Thomas’ and his wife’s estate settlements are in Russell County records.   Here is a summary of their children:

1. Dorcas Brown (1793 - ___ ) married James Fuller.

2. George Best Brown (1794 - February 1853) married Ruth Pigman about 1818.

3. Truelove Brown (1795 - ___ ) married Martha McRenolds.

4. Elizabeth Brown (1795/1804- Feb 1, 1903) married Richard Belcher.

5. Polly Brown (1794/04 - ___ )

6. Pamela Brown (1800 – 29 Aug, 1827) married William Belcher (6 children)

7. James P. Brown (1804/10 - ___ ) married Adeline Harris in Lawrence Co., Indiana on February 25, 1831.

8. Ann Brown (1807 - ___ ) married Jeremiah Fields (8 children)

9. William Brown (1804/10 - ___ ) married Elizabeth Mitchell on August 22, 1833 in Lawrence Co., Indiana.


In 1790, George Thomas first appeared in Bedford County, Virginia.  This probably means that he was 21 by then, thus born by 1769.  He isn't listed as George T. each year in tax list, but he is occasionally listed apparently as George or George T. Brown.   He was last listed as George T. Brown in 1800 in Bedford Co. in the approximate area on the sheet as the Best family.


On October 4, 1808 George Thomas Brown bought 214 acres from Berry Robinson in Russell County for 150 pounds of Virginia money.  This land is listed as being nine miles northeast of the town of Lebanon, Virginia.  After the death of both George Thomas and Elizabeth, at least two of their sons -- George Best Brown and Truelove Brown sold their inherited land and migrated westward to Tennessee.  On July 27, 1836, George B. sold land to three individuals  from Sumner County, Tennessee (Elisha Keen, Mastin Keen, and George Marcum) for $460.  He gave a note for what they owed him on the land on which they were actually living.  The land was located beside Bennett Phillips on Trammel Creek.  George B. had relocated to Martin County, Indiana when a law suit came up in 1838/9 for non-payment on the note.  The importance of this document is that it names the witnesses for George Best Brown in the suit as being two sons of Dance Brown.  They were James and Squire Brown as well as S. R. Gilliam.  It should also be noted that George B.’s brother, Truelove Brown was living in Indiana by him at this time. 


Here is a chronological list of specific events in George Thomas Brown’s life:


1768-approx birth date

1790-first appears in Bedford Co., Va.  He isn't listed as George T. each year in tax list, but he is occasionally listed apparently as George or George T. Brown.   He was last listed as George T. Brown in 1800 in Bedford Co. in the approximate area on the sheet as the Best family.

1792-Nov, marriage in Bedford Co. Va. to Elizabeth Best, Levi Best surety.

1793-approx. birth date of dau. Dorcas in Va.

1794-approx. birth date of son George Best Brown in Va.

1795-approx. birth date of son Truelove Brown in Va.

1794/1804-approx. birth date of dau. Eliz. Brown in Va.

1794/1804-approx, birth date of dau. Polly Brown in Va.

1800-approx. birth date of dau. Pamela Brown in Va.

1804/1810-approx. birth date of son James P. Brown.

1804/1810-approx. birth date of son William Brown in Russell Co., Va.

1807-approx. birth date of daughter Ann Brown in Va.

1808-bougnt 214 acres in Russell Co. Va. - recorded 4 Oct 1808 = same date that Dance and Keziah sold their 40 acre plot in Russell Co. Va.

1810-first listing of Geo. Thom. Brown on Russell Co. tax lists.

1814-Geo. Thom. died in Russell Co., Va. His estate was 9 miles North East of Lebanon, Va.

1815-Geo. Thom. died in Russell Co. Va. May 12, 1815 = Estate settlement, Eliz. (wife) adminstr.  Appraisers = Jacob Kinder, Lee Jessee, Thomas Francis.  Others mentioned in list of purchasers = Truelove Brown, Obediah C.  Pigman, Henry Hust?, William Belcher, Wm. Stone, John Jessee, Lee Jessee, John Harmon, Elijah Fuller, James Chafin, Archa Jesse, George Grub, Stephen Gose, Ambrose Harmon, Joel Fields, John Wagoner, Wm. Grizzel, James Fuller, and Thomas Francis.

1817-son Truelove qualified as guardian of heirs of George Thomas Brown (decd.) in Russell Co., Va.

1818-approx date - George Best Brown married Ruth Pigman.

1826-son Truelove was appointed surveyer of road from ford of Clinch River to Reeds Valley in Russell Co. Va.

1827-Son Truelove sold land to Joseph Counts in Russell Co., Va.

1827-Truelove, Martha, and James sold land July 3, 1827, in Russell Co., Va.

1827-Son Truelove sold land to Jonathan Skeen in Russell Co., Va.

1828-March 4,land sold by Truelove to Jonathan Skeen in Russell Co., Va.

1829-son Truelove in debt to Christopher Gose in Russell Co. Va.

1829-Elizabeth died in Russell Co., Va.

1830-son William Brown proof of deed to Joseph Counts (recorded in Russell Co., Va. bk 9 pp. 242,246.)

1831-Feb 25, son James P. Brown married Adeline Harris in Lawrence Co., Ind.

1833-Aug 22, marriage of son William Brown to Elizabeth Mitchell in Lawrence Co., Indiana.

1836-George B. Brown gave note dated July 22, 1836 to 3 men (Elisha and Mastin Keen and George Marcum) for the sum of $460.

1838-Complaint in Sumner Co Chancery Court on Mar 1, 1838--wanting payment plus interest or sale of 200 acres for cash.  Witnessed by Squire Brown, the land was located beside Bennett Phillips on Trammel Creek in Sumner Co., Tn.--Witnessed by James Brown ( son of Dance ) with S. R. Gilliam.

1839-Feb 18, 1839 Sumner Co, Tn. bill of complaint in Chancery Court of George Best Brown vs. Elisha and Mastin Keen and George Marcum ( who were living on the land).

1847/1850-approx death date of dau. Pamela Brown.

1853-Feb, death of son Geo. Best Brown in Martin Co., Indiana.



Sarah BROWN, sister of Dance BROWN(March 9, 1787 - December 23, 1872)

Keziah GRANT (1780 - August 12, 1850)

Seth and Elizabeth Caldwell

Parents of Hardy Caldwell of Sumner County, Tennessee

Hardy Caldwell was born January 27, 1785.  The census records of Sumner County, Tennessee for 1850 and 1860 state that Hardy Caldwell was born in North Carolina.  The information that we now have indicates that Hardy was either born in Virginia, most likely in Pittsylvania County or in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  The preponderance of evidence suggests that the parents of Hardy Caldwell were Seth Caldwell and Elizabeth (very possibly Elizabeth Hardy), who originally came from Loudoun County, Virginia.  To present the case for the parentage of Hardy Caldwell, we will start in Bedford County, Virginia. 

In 1787, John Grant bought land in Bedford County, Virginia.  According to the deed, John Grant was residing in Botetourt County, Virginia at the time of this purchase.  John Grant was on the personal property tax rolls for Botetourt County in 1785 and 1786.  John Grant was the father-in-law of Dance Brown.  John Grant's daughter Keziah, married Dance in 1799, in Montgomery County, Virginia.  Dance Brown was the brother of Hardy Caldwell's future wife, Sarah.  There are several documents that verify that Sarah and Dance Brown were brother and sister.  For example, in Sarah's 1872 widow's pension application (for Hardy's service in the War of 1812), one of the affidavits states that Dance Brown was Sarah's brother.  John's first wife was Lydia (or Violet), as stated on the deed for a piece of land that he sold in Bedford County, in 1792.  Personal property tax rolls from Bedford County in the early 1790's seem to indicate that John Grant lived in the same area as Edith Brown.  In 1794, John Grant married Edy Brown, in Bedford County.  The information that we now have suggests that Edy or Edith Brown, was the mother of Dance and Sarah Brown.  In 1796, John and Edith Grant sold their land in Bedford County and John Grant disappears from the property tax rolls and personal property tax rolls of Bedford County after that year.  We don't know if John and Edith Grant moved to Montgomery County, Virginia directly after leaving Bedford, or bought land elsewhere first. 

Seth Caldwell first appears on the scene in the Loudoun County, Virginia tithables list in 1765, where he is listed with Hugh Caldwell and Hugh Jr., however Seth's name is crossed off.  Perhaps this means that Seth lived in the household, but was too young to be listed as a tithable.  We have calculated that Seth was born about 1745-46.  Hugh Caldwell is listed in the tithable rolls for Loudoun County in 1760 as head of the household and a William Caldwell residing in the household.  Hugh, William and Hugh Jr. are listed in 1761.  Seth is again listed in the household of Hugh in 1767 and 1768.  Hugh died about 1769, as his land was sold by his heir William Caldwell (as oldest son) and wife Sarah in that year.  In 1773 and 1774, Seth Caldwell is listed in the tithable lists for Loudoun County living in close proximity to Solomon Hardy.  Solomon Hardy later moved to Bedford County, Virginia in 1794, not too far from the land that John Grant bought in 1787.  The facts suggest that Seth's wife Elizabeth is possibly a sister of Solomon.  That Seth lived in such close proximity to the Hardys and his youngest son is named Hardy, seems to be strong evidence for his wife to have been a Hardy.

By 1775, William, Hugh Jr. and Seth Caldwell had moved from Loudoun County.  William and Hugh Jr. apparently moved to Botetourt County about 1769 or 1770, when William bought land in Botetourt County.  In 1779, William had sold his land in Botetourt County.  By 1782, William Caldwell had moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, while Hugh remained in Botetourt County.

About 1775, Seth first appears in Pittsylvania County.  In 1777, he signed an oath of allegiance to the United States.  Seth had land surveyed in Pittsylvania County in 1782, and was listed on the tax rolls in Pittsylvania County for 1784 and 1787.  It is possible that Seth moved to Pittsylvania County to be near his wife's family, because in the same county are George, William and Benjamin Hardy who also seem to have come from Loudoun County.  Also moving to Pittsylvania County from Loudoun County was the family of James Buckley, which included his son John.  Seth Caldwell first appears in the records of Montgomery County in 1787, when John Buckley transferred 365 acres to Seth.  From Montgomery County Survey Book D, Page 61--"John Buckley (assignee of Nicholas Johnson)--365 acres at Buckeye Mt. adjacent to John Kirk, Whitley and Alsup.  Transferred to Seth Caldwell, March 7, 1787".  In 1787, John Buckley and William Caldwell also received land in the same area.  Seth Caldwell also appears in the personal property tax rolls of Montgomery County in 1788, along with a Joseph and William Caldwell.  In 1789, Seth did not appear on the personal property tax rolls of Montgomery County, neither did Joseph Caldwell.  The 1788 tax roll states that Joseph Caldwell went to North Carolina before he paid the taxes he was assessed.  It is believed that Joseph Caldwell may be a cousin of Seth's, as there is a Joseph Caldwell in Loudoun County who had a son by the name of Joseph.

In 1790, a Seth and Joseph Caldwell appear on the census records for Wilkes County, North Carolina.  In 1792, there is a Seth Caldwell on the tax rolls for Wilkes County, North Carolina.  This is probably the same Seth Caldwell that appeared in the records of Montgomery County, Virginia.  After 1792, Seth Caldwell disappears from the records of Wilkes County, North Carolina, however, there is a Seth Caldwell that reappears in Montgomery County, Virginia in the same area where Seth Caldwell and William Caldwell were living when the prior tax rolls were taken.  It seems possible that Seth returned to Montgomery County upon the death of William Caldwell, as William apparently died about this time and was very probably Seth's brother.  Seth Caldwell received a setters patent for 365 acres near Buckeye Mountain on the Bear Springs, near the land of John Alsup in 1798.

In Montgomery County on August 13, 1796, Sarah Caldwell, daughter of Seth Caldwell, married Daniel Kirk.  At least two other children of Seth Caldwell married in Montgomery County,  Susannah, who married Thomas Kirk in 1798 and William, who married Mary Clybourne in 1799.

By 1800, John Grant and his family had settled in Montgomery County, Virginia.  John Grant received a land grant, on May 12, 1801.  From Montgomery County Entry Book D, Page 196--"52 acres together with 118 acres on the Bearspring to begin at a white oak corner to a survey made for John Alsup and with the lines marked out to include the same land and wherein the said Grant now lives".  This locates the Grant family in the exact same area of Montgomery County where Seth Caldwell and his family lived during that same time period.  On November 2, 1799, Dance Brown married Keziah Grant.  On the marriage license it states that Keziah is the daughter of John Grant.  On November 15, 1803, Hardy Caldwell and Sarah Brown, Dance Brown's sister were married, very probably in Montgomery County.

In 1803, Seth and Elizabeth Caldwell sold their 365 acres to three different individuals, a portion of that land was sold to John Grant.  The deed states the location of the land as being near Buckeye mountain, on the Bear Springs, next to the survey for John Alsup.  So again, we have evidence for the close physical proximity for these two families.

In December 1803, Seth Caldwell bought 100 acres of land from Claiborne Hix, in Russell County, Virginia.  This land was on Beck's Branch adjoining Charles Keezee.  In February 1805, his son-in-law Daniel Kirk bought land in Russell County, from John Jessee.  In February of 1804, John and Edith Grant sold their land in Montgomery County and moved to Russell County.  Later that same month, Dance Brown bought 40 acres of land in Russell County, on Copper Ridge.  In October of 1806, John Grant bought a piece of land in Russell County, from Charles Cazee (Keezee). Again, we have the families of Dance Brown, his father-in-law John Grant, Seth Caldwell and his son-in-law Daniel Kirk, living close together, having arrived in Russell County, Virginia within a span of several months.

So far we don't have any evidence for the presence of Hardy Caldwell, just the close physical proximity of the Seth Caldwell, John Grant and Dance Brown families.  However, in  the June Court of 1807, Hardy Caldwell appears in the court minutes of Russell County.  So, Hardy is indeed in Russell County at the very time that John Grant, Dance Brown and Seth Caldwell lived there.  On June 5, 1807, is listed the case of Hardy Caldwell (plaintiff) vs John McGlaughland (defendant), however the court minutes do not disclose the nature of the case.  The charges were dismissed and the plaintiff and defendant were ordered to split the court costs.

In 1807, Seth and Elizabeth Caldwell sold their land in Russell County to George Johnson.  This same year Daniel and Sarah Kirk also sold their land in Russell County to Archelus Jessee.  It is most probable that in the winter of 1807-1808, Seth Caldwell, his wife Elizabeth and the families of Hardy and Sarah Caldwell and Daniel and Sarah Kirk, crossed over the Cumberland Gap and eventually settled in Warren County, Kentucky.  Hardy and Sarah Caldwell would have crossed over the mountains with two small children, Elizabeth about two years old and William, born just that October.  Settlers, such as Hardy Caldwell and his family, needed to bring in a crop before they could leave their old homes and arrive in their new home in time to plant their crops for the coming year or they would starve.

Seth Caldwell and Hardy Caldwell both appear on the Warren County, Kentucky tax rolls for 1808.  Each of them had one tithable and one horse, but no land.  Daniel Kirk (listed as Daniel Cirk) also first appears in the Warren County on the 1808 tax rolls.  In 1809, Hardy Caldwell was taxed for one tithable, one horse and 300 acres of land, Daniel Kirk is also listed on the tax roll for that year, but with no land. Seth Caldwell does not appear on the tax rolls for Warren County after 1808.  Both Hardy Caldwell and Daniel Kirk appeared on the Warren County, Kentucky census records for 1810, Seth Caldwell does not.  There is not a male in either household that is old enough to be Seth.

Apparently Seth and Elizabeth Caldwell left Warren County, Kentucky and returned to Giles County, Virginia, to Buckeye Mountain, in the area that had once been part of Montgomery County.  In 1809, Seth and Elizabeth sold some land in Giles County.  This is our last record of Seth and at this time we don't know what may have happened to either Seth or Elizabeth Caldwell.    

There do not appear to be any other likely candidates for the parents of Hardy Caldwell other than Seth and Elizabeth Caldwell.  Seth Caldwell and his family were in close physical proximity to Dance Brown and his father-in-law John Grant in Montgomery County and Russell County, Virginia.  We have some evidence that Seth Caldwell and John Grant may have known each other even earlier, in Loudoun County. Hardy Caldwell certainly was in Russell County, Virginia at the same time as Seth, Seth's son-in-law Daniel Kirk, Dance Brown and John Grant.  As Seth and Hardy both arrived in Warren County about 1808, as well as Seth Caldwell's son-in-law Daniel Kirk, after all three of them had been in Russell County, Virginia we could argue that they very probably traveled together.  In the tax rolls for Warren County, Kentucky in 1809, Hardy Caldwell and Daniel Kirk appear to live in the same area, as they were listed on the same day.  Although we may never find a specific document or records that state that Seth Caldwell is the father of Hardy, all the evidence we have supports the premise that Seth is his father.


Rahab BROWN, sister of Dance BROWN


Rahab married James Caldwell sometime before 1805.  We are fortunate that Rahab was presented a bible by the Cumberland Bible Society in which birth and death dates of her children were recorded.  Someone also recorded Rahab’s birthday as “Rahab BROWN was born August the 15th, 1789” and her death dates as “Rahab Colwell departed this life the 8th day of June, 1850." 

It seems most likely that James and Hardy were brothers.  Although James’ birth date is unknown, there are several documents confirming his death date and hinting toward kinship.  In the May 1815 Sumner County Court records, page 20, it was ordered that Hardy Caldwell be appointed as administrator of James Caldwell’s (deceased) estate.  Hardy took the oath of an administrator as prescribed by law.  Together with Robert McClary and Henry Butler, his securities, Hardy entered into and acknowledged their bond to the Governor in the penalty of $500 as the law directed.  In August of 1815, an account of the sale of the goods of James Caldwell, deceased, was entered into court on the oath of Hardy Caldwell who was the estate administrator.  In May 1816, the court ordered that Thomas Henderson, Henry Butler, and John Henson be appointed to lay off as much of the crop and provisions on hand of the estate of James Caldwell.   This provision should be sufficient for the support of the widow (Rahab) and family for one year from the time of his death and report back to the court.  They reported back in November of that year.

Here is a summary of James and Rahab’s children:

1. Edith Caldwell -- born May 8, 1805.  She married Henry Easley on August 25, 1828 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

2. John Caldwell -- born November 17, 1809 and died May 2, 1827.

3. Elizabeth Caldwell -- born July 29, 1812

4. James Caldwell -- born March 5, 1815 and died January 15, 1836.

5. Samuel Hardy Caldwell -- born July 28, 1821 in Sumner County, TN.  He married Margaret Mabry on August 8, 1841.  Samuel H. died on May 27, 1887 in Nemaha County, Nebraska.  Much of our information about this family came from descendants of Samuel Hardy Caldwell.  Actually, one of his descendants still has Rahab’s bible.

Since James died in 1815, it would appear that Samuel Hardy Caldwell (child #5) was born long after James died.  On May 30, 1823, the Court accused Rahab of having a child out of wedlock.  The document read like this: “Where as information hath been made to me, one of the Justices of the Peace for the Court, that Rahab Caldwell, single woman, ..... hath been delivered of a child, ... and may become chargeable of the County, these are therefore to command you to apprehend and bring any two Justices of the Peace for the County, the aforesaid Rahab Caldwell to answer the matters alleged against her ... May 30, 1823”.  The court forced Rahab to put up $500 on June 7, 1823 to show that costs to bring up the child was not the public’s obligation.  Rahab continued on her own until she died in 1850.

Rahab had several land deals.  In August 1825, she bought 37 acres from John Foster in Sumner County.   She also bought 52 1/2 acres from Josiah Rippy in Sumner County on May 16, 1844.  This land was adjacent to Thomas B. Baskerville. It was apparently in District 19 that was on the west border of the County.  She sold this land on September 30, 1845 to her son, Samuel H. Caldwell.  The deed was witnessed by And. McGloghlin and Thos. B. Baskerville.  It was received for registration on February 16, 1855 that was five years after her death.  Then on January 27, 1848, Rahab and her son, Samuel Hardy, sold 150 acres to Hezekiah Tribble.  The land was also in Sumner County, Tennessee District 19 on the waters of Drakes Creek bordering Thomas Baskerville and O.H.P. Duval and Bradley’s line.  It was witnessed by O.H.P. Duval and John Mabry.

Samuel Hardy Caldwell stayed for at least five years in Sumner County after his mother’s death.  He sold 150 acres in 1855 to Allen B. Bryant.  It was witnessed by O.A.P. Duval and James A. Easley.  It is unsure when Samuel H. left Tennessee.  He died on May 27, 1887 in Nemaha County, Nebraska and was buried there in the Nemaha Cemetery.





Frederick Robert BROWN (about 1779 – 1853 Enola, Faulkner County, Arkansas)


Frederick Brown was born about 1780 and died sometime after 1850.  He married Mary Robertson on December 4, 1804, in Prince Edward County, Virginia.  She was the daughter of Jesse & Susannah Robertson.  Frederick may or may not be related to Dance Brown’s family.  It is currently unknown.


Frederick’s father-in-law, Jesse Robertson, was a patriot of the American Revolution and served as a private in the 6th Regiment North Carolina line.  He was placed on the pension roll on July 2, 1819.  Jesse’s last Will and Testament was recorded in Sumner County, Tennessee in 1831 where he lists his wife Susannah and his children.  Notice that their fifth child, Susanna, was the first to be married in Sumner County.  Thus we can assume that Jesse and Susannah came to Sumner County, TN. sometime between 1804 and 1812.  Jesse and Susannah  were married in Prince Edward County, Va. in 1777.  By 1782 they were living in Charlotte County.  That same year he bought 100 acres of land in Prince Edward County.  In 1783 he bought 86 acres and 50 acres in 1789.  In 1810 they were living in Prince Edward County when he sold 147 acres there.  Here is a listing of their children:

1. David A. Robertson (June 17, 1778 Prince Edward County, VA. - January 23, 1848 Camden County, MO.)  He married Mary Hunter.

2. Mildred Robertson (abt 1779 Prince Edward County, VA. - after 1850) married Jesse Flippin on October 17, 1797 in Prince Edward County.  These are the parents of Martha Flippin who married Squire BROWN -- son of Dance BROWN.

3. Rebecca Robertson (Before 1787 Prince Edward County, VA. - After 1830) married William Woodall on January 8, 1802 in Prince Edward County, Va.

4. Mary Robertson (1780/1790 Prince Edward County, VA. - after 1850) married Frederick R. BROWN on December 6, 1804.

5. Susanna Robertson (May 4, 1785 Prince Edward County - after 1830)  married Benjamin Parker on December 11, 1812 in Sumner County, TN.

6. Elijah R. Robertson (before 1791 - 1830/31) married Nancy Parker on April 9, 1811 in Sumner County.

7. Elisha Robertson (before 1797 - about 1826) married Elizabeth Mitchell on July 7, 1817 in Sumner County, Tennessee.


The children of Frederick Robert BROWN and Mary ROBERTSON were: 

1. Lucy Brown (about 1808 - ___ ) born in Tennessee and married Jeremiah Alsup on November 20, 1823 in Sumner County, Tennessee. (10 children)

2. Francis R. (1811 - )

3. Jesse R.  Brown (Feb 16, 1811 – abt 1860 ) married Mary McClary in Allen County, Ky. (6 known children)

4. Susannah Brown ( Apr 16, 1815 – Sep 9, 1870 ) married Rev. John Rush on December 20, 1833 in Sumner County, Tennessee. (9 children)

5. Rev. Elisha R. Brown (Feb 17, 1817 - 1890) married Nancy Rush on February 14, 1835 in Sumner County, Tennessee (4 children) and married 2nd to Paulina Derrington Sept 24, 1899 in Allen Co., KY.

6. Mary Brown (Dec 5, 1820 - 1907) 1st married Samuel Spears on July 20, 1836 in Sumner County, Tennessee. (1 child) 2nd married Willis Dalton Mar 16, 1843 (2 children), 3rd married Benjamin Haley in 1856 (2 children), 4th married James Harness  (Hodges?) Reynolds Sep 16, 1860 (2 children)

8. Frederick  Brown ( ___ - ___ )

9. George Grown

10. Joe Brown


Frederick Brown’s family has been puzzling for a long time.  I have no proof of kinship in any way to Dance Brown’s family.  Since there are so many circumstances pointing toward kinship, I must briefly describe what I know about his family.  Jesse Robertson and his family lived in Prince Edward County, Virginia when Frederick married Mary.  I have no knowledge of our other Brown families ever being in Prince Edward County, Virginia.  This neither proves nor disproves relationship.  I could invent numerous scenarios about Frederick’s residency in Prince Edward County -- none of which I could substantiated by currently known facts.  Very early evidence in this county is too scarce to even hypothesis any theory.  Most of our facts are in Sumner County, Tennessee.  Those I will present here.


By 1808, Jesse Robertson's family along with Frederick and Mary Brown arrived in Sumner County, Tennessee.  This is proven by Frederick’s daughter, Lucy, being born in Tennessee in that year.  We can only assume that they traveled to this area about the same time.  It may only be coincidence that the Browns and Robertsons moved from Virginia to land lying adjacent to Dance Brown in Sumner County.  During their short stay in Sumner County, there were many times that their paths crossed with the other Brown families.  I will mention a few to possibly aid research in the future.


In 1817, in Sumner County deed books recorded that Frederick Brown bought 120 acres of land from James Bell.  It may have been  purchased prior to 1817.   In 1816, Frederick was on the property tax list as owning 120 acres of land on Garrett’s Fork of Trammell Creek.  His land was actually adjacent to Dance & Keziah (Grant) Brown and Hardy & Sarah (Brown) Caldwell.  This deed was witnessed by Elisha R. Robertson and Robert McClary.  Frederick’s oldest son, Jesse R. Brown married Robert McClary’s oldest daughter, Martha.  Dance Brown’s oldest son, John Brown, married Robert McClary’s next to oldest daughter, Elizabeth.  Another interesting marriage between these families was between Frederick’s second daughter, Lucy, and Jeremiah Alsup.  Jeremiah was the second child of David Alsup and Martha Grant.  Martha is now believed to be a sister of Dance Brown’s wife, Keziah Grant, and a daughter of John Grant.


In 1824, Frederick bought another 100 acres of land in Sumner County from James Bell for $400.  The deed was witnessed by John and Squire Brown, the two oldest sons of Dance Brown.  By 1839, Frederick had sold much of his land holdings in Sumner County and had bought another 100 acres in Allen County, Kentucky.  By 1840, he had relocated to Simpson County, Kentucky and sold the last 100 acre plot in Sumner County, Tennessee to William Foster of Allen County.  He and his family continued to live in Simpson County, Kentucky most probably until he died sometime after 1850.  Information in this time frame is scarce in Simpson County due to a fire that destroyed many of the early records. Mary Robertson Brown died sometime between 1840 and 1850.